The English Premier League is one of the most competitive and entertaining leagues in the world. Even the “big” teams needs to give one hundred percent every game or risk dropping points against teams in the lower-half of the table. The intensity on the pitch is often carried into the off-pitch activity as well.

Over the course of the last five years, Premier league teams have combined to spend more money on transfer fees than any other league. One of the reasons for this is because Premier league divides a whopping £2.4 billion to clubs. This money is given out at a flat rate with bonuses due to performance on top of that rate. The top six clubs get the most based not only on their league finish, but also because they are televised more than the other 14 clubs in the Premier League.

Because of high revenue, top six clubs are usually aggressive in the transfer window. Using those funds, they have attracted some of the biggest talents in the world, including Paul Pogba, Kevin De Bruyne, Allison, Kepa and many more. However, even though they have been able to attract big talents, they are often charged more than teams from other leagues. This is due to the fact that selling clubs know the buying English clubs have excess funds.

Despite the fact that the Premier League transfer window closes early, top six Premier League clubs are not spending a lot of money right now in spite of their riches. There are many reasons for this. First, the FA is hoping to use Brexit to restrict the number of foreign players an English team can possess. This is the one reason Manchester United have implemented the strategy of buying young homegrown players with potential.

Secondly, the new rules the FA hopes to implement puts teams besides those in the top six, in a good position to demand additional money from their big six rivals. For instance, we  see Leicester City demanding £85 million for Harry Maguire, who is a very good player, yet not world class and most likely won’t ever be.

In this article, we will be analyzing why each of the top six clubs has been slow in their business this transfer window and draw up their potential targets.