One of the toughest position for a young player to break into the senior squad is goalkeeper. Most of the clubs have established goalkeepers and are reluctant to take a risk by giving youth a chance. Also, the fact that there is just one vacancy for a goalkeeper makes it harder for youngsters to get a chance.

The chances of goalkeeper climbing through the youth rank to the top team is further complicated by the fact that goalkeeper can play until their late thirties. Also, there will a lot young players vying for the same position. However, there are some goalkeepers who are able to break into first team.

Most of the times, young goalkeepers break into the first team when the first choice goalkeeper is injured or has a dip in form. Another way is by going out on loan and convincing the manager of the parent club that you are better than their current goal keeper.

In this article, we will be looking at the top five young goalkeepers who are exceptional but need to move to another club to either break into the first team or grow as a player. Furthermore, we will be talking about the weakness and strength of these goalkeepers.