It doesn’t matter how much you dominate your opponent, the only way to win a football match is by outscoring the opponent. This is the reason why putting the ball to the back of the net is the most important thing in football and forwards are the most important players.

There is different pressure of playing as a forward than any other position. The media and fans will try to break you apart if you miss a one versus one or other easy chances in a big profile game. For instance: The greatest scorer of all time Ronaldo was booed by the Real Madrid fans for failing to score a goal in just a couple of games.

The forwards should learn to be able to cope with the inevitable goal drought they are going to face at some point in their careers. Some are prepared for bad moments and see it as a lesson than failure. Others simply lose their confidence and never recover.

In this article, I am going to mention the top 5 young forwards who I think should move to another club in order to gain experience or step up their game.