Tottenham Hotspur have just concluded what has to be considered one of the most successful seasons in club history, despite clinching fourth in the Premier League by one point.

That is because, despite having spent absolutely no money on transfers since January 2018, Spurs reached their first Champions League final in club history, albeit a 2-0 loss to Liverpool.

That’s right, Spurs had gone two straight transfer windows (roughly 16 months) without buying one senior player, making them the only club in the Premier League with that distinction.

This spend-less streak appears to finally be over as there have been strong indications that the club will attempt to shore up some of its glaring weaknesses this summer.


We won’t go into the many theories or reasons as to why the club did not spend money, but will instead use this opportunity to do a position-by-position review of the 2018-19 season, the potential starting lineup for 2019-20, and some other potential targets.

The current state of the midfield will be a little complicated, as the team saw numerous shifts of form and starters to compensate for a seemingly constant stream of injuries to the already thin position.

Some predictions for the upcoming season will be longer than others in light of some positions being in more flux than others, namely Central Midfielder, Right Back, Back-up Forward.