Often a bright young player bursts onto the scene, tipped for greatness from the start and hotly contested for by some of the biggest clubs in the game. It seems like they have the world at their feet, surely their career will be filled with silverware and potential Ballon D’or’s.

But sadly for one reason or another, they never seem to reach that potential. Just as quickly as they burst onto the scene, they fizzle away. As we will see throughout this list, the reasons for this involve poor management, poor attitude or more sadly, injuries ruining a promising career.

The following 10 wonderkids were tipped to be the next megastars of the game but were never able to fulfil the potential, despite many of them enjoying successful careers. Included among these 10 are a few controversial choices, and as always we probably have left out some obvious ones, so feel free to voice your concerns within the comment section.