The blockchain is transforming every single industry and football is the next in line to go through the cryptocurrency revolution. Arsenal is the world’s first elite club to form a partnership with a crypto company and it is just the start. The Gunners partnership with Cashbet who is a new initial coin offering in sports betting and casino game sector is the first in the EPL. The company started promoting its token at the Emirate through visual advertising and fan incentives. It was a massive success which has got all the other clubs closely following the progress.

Who Are CashBet?

CashBet Coin is an ICO which has just raised million through its initial coin offering. Its vision is to completely transform the mobile and social gaming industry. The company has developed a crypto-ready, world-class gambling platform that is transforming the sector. CashBet has been established since 2012 and is leading the way in the developing the next generation of blockchain gambling games.

The aim of CashBet is to create the best crypto gambling platform and use blockchain along with smart contract technology to improve speed, cost, access, content and most importantly trust. A player can access iGaming sites powered by CashBet and their own digital crypto called CashBet Coin. A wide range of games will be available including slots, skill-based games, casino classics, sports, and eSports betting and lottery.

Arsenal And CashBet Coin Partnership

CashBet hopes that their exclusive partnership with Arsenal F.C will propel their blockchain business to become the world leader in crypto gambling. With more than 142 million fans worldwide along with 3.5 billion that watch the games, it will allow the platform to be seen by a massive global audience.

Daniel Kay founder of Bitcoin Casino No Deposit says “Over the last 10 years the popularity of gambling using cryptocurrency has grown at a staggering rate and now accounts for more than 10% of the total gambling revenue worldwide. Gamblers are starting to understand the benefits which are fueling growth and most once they make the switch never look back. Provably fair transparent systems in the sector using the blockchain and smart contract is going to completely shake up the market. It is exciting times and Arsenals recent partnership with a blockchain company will definitely not be the last in the EPL”.

Many Gunners fans are still sceptical about the partnership which should not be surprising considering CashBet is offering a brand new concept. That did not stop the ICO selling out of tokens and it shows how much demand there is in the market for innovative blockchain based companies.

If it is a big success which the signs so far are showing it to be, it will not be long before all the other top clubs start partnership schemes with cryptocurrency based partners. It is highly likely that in the near future that clubs will have their own initial coin offering and we will see coins such as The Gunners Coin and Red Devils Coins.

One of the problems that any investor of ICOs and cryptocurrency will need to be able to cope with is the huge volatility in the marketplace. Most initial coin offerings end up failing and those that are still holding when it crashes could end up losing it all. They are speculative investments and are currently unregulated which adds to the risks. If they are a success, however, the early investors stand to make fortunes for a relatively small amount invested.


CashBet is one of the first Blockchain gambling companies that will improve the experience for users by using the many advantages that crypto enables. It will help to increase the protection of players along with providing them with greater options for payments. What makes it stand out from traditional platforms is all transactions displayed on the ledger to provide provably fair and transparent gambling. With reduced fees along with players been rewarded for holding and using CashBet Coins, it will not be long before gamblers make the switch from traditional platforms.