Juventus have proposed an offer to Chelsea that they hope will see them recapture the signing of former player Alvaro Morata this summer, according to reports in Italy.

The Serie A side are keen to capitalise on Morata’s stuttering first season in English football, and reports claim that the blues striker is keen to go back to Italy.

Juve have allegedly offered to sign the 25-year old on an expensive loan deal, that will include an obligation to buy for $50 million. He was of course signed by Chelsea for nearly £60 million, and it is expected that their hire-achy would be reluctant to lose any money on their record signing.

With the loan deal reportedly being ‘expensive’ for Juventus, this may well be enough to financially sway Chelsea in the direction of selling Morata, but only if he asks to leave.

Morata has struggled to settle in England and despite scoring 15 goals in total, the Spaniard is not entirely happy in London, and is weighing up his options this summer.

A lot could depend on the Managerial situation at Chelsea, with Antonio Conte widely expected to leave after the FA Cup Final this Saturday, it could boil down to what the new head coach will want at Stamford Bridge.

Simon Phillips