It’s fairly evident by now that Liverpool would need some help if they are serious about consistently defeating some of the highly-favoured opponents they’d be up against in the near future and the next season too. Having beaten Manchester City 2-1 in an away game in the Champions League quarter-final second leg match, they must be looking all settled now, but Liverpool fans know that they can’t afford to be complacent, and not take adequate steps to strengthen their attacking abilities.

While Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah did the honours at Etihad, Liverpool would like someone else to join them on the front next season. And the man expected to do that is none other than the Juventus whizz Paulo Dybala! His abilities are such that Jurgen Klopp is willing to cough up as much as £90million for his purchase, and then sit back and watch his team attack, attack and attack!

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Possible alternatives

In the event that Paulo Dybala’s transfer doesn’t materialize, Liverpool can always go after Federico Chiesa, the Fiorentina winger, and one of Italy’s next generation stars. Federico is the son of Enrico Chiesa, a widely popular footballer of the 90s.

Both Chelsea and Liverpool are keen on bringing him to their teams and Stefano Pioli, his manager, is confident that the 20-year-old would most likely depart his present club before the start of the next season.

More on Dybala

As mentioned earlier, Liverpool is very keen on the £ 90-million star forward currently playing for the Juventus football club. They plan to bring him in as the long-term replacement of Philippe Coutinho, who had left Anfield in a record £ 145 million deal (early in January this year) for Barcelona. The 24-year-old Argentinian star sits on top of the Klopp’s summer wish list! Everyone knows Klopp’s yet to sign a long-term replacement of Coutinho and who better than Paulo Dybala to do that job!

Klopp would also be need to keep a close eye on Mo Salah, whose amazing current form is attracting the attention of big football clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. The striker had joined Liverpool in June last year.

Regardless, Dybala would prove to be an amazing signing for Liverpool, irrespective of the fact that they already have Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Salah forming a formidable attacking trio!

The Argentine player had joined Juventus in the year 2015 (from Palermo) at a price of around £23million, however, as evident he has established himself as among the best strikers in the world over the past few years!

During his stint with the Serie A leaders, Paulo Dybala has scored more than a goal in almost every other game of the league, having 51 goals to his credit from only 91 appearances.