This season Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has come under constant scrutiny for a number of tactical decisions, which would have been unthinkable years ago when he was coined a tactical genius.

One of the key cogs in his team who currently sit in second place has been Paul Pogba, a player also prone to scrutiny since rejoining Manchester United.

For a player who has had 10 scoring involvement in 12 games and has been exceptionally well in the build-up play for United, some may say the criticism is unjust?

In recent weeks the Frenchman hasn’t looked the same he did when he and Mourinho’s men started the season off flying, since being back from suspension he has only helped his side secure 1 win in 5 games, including a loss to Championship side Bristol City.

Since Pogba gained some unwanted criticism from United’s Paul Scholes, answered back immediately with a sublime performance in a 2-0 win over Everton, we saw him controlling the play and being a catalyst in United’s attack.

In United’s form slump, it can easily be argued that Pogba is not the right man for them and Mourinho isn’t the right coach for the £89million record signing.

In the 3 consecutive draws, we saw Pogba playing somewhat out of position and Mourinho failing to discipline the lack of structure, therefore, portraying a sense of lack of control over the team.

However, with structure and the clear guidance that Mourinho possesses he is just as right for the job in developing the on-the-brink world-class player just as much as any coach of a big team.

The Portuguese manager has an abundance of accolades and a decent squad at his helm, with the 24-year-old being the perfect player for him to be a centrepiece for greatness.

Although it has been a work in progress, Manchester United fans return to supremacy is on the horizon especially if Pogba can continue his good season and avoid form slumps.

Although he is not the same Pogba we saw at Juventus, he has started to settle a lot more this season and before we know it Pogba will be a classified as a world-class player, again.