After Daishawn Redan, Manchester United set their target on Naci Unuvar, the 13 years old prodigy playing for Ajax U15.

Naci Unuvar is considered to be the most talented player at the youth academy and on a weekly base entertaining the fans with his assists and goals.

The young attacking midfielder now playing for Holland U15 was noticed by United scout Henny de Regt during several international tournaments early this season.

After few meetings between ManU side and parents throughout the year, some minor details where ironed out during the indoor soccer tournament this month in Germany where both Ajax and ManU where participating.

The plan is to relocate the family and offer the father a job to justify the transfer of the youngster.

Ajax has not reacted yet with regards to this recent development, but is planning to have a meeting with the family and management ASAP.

Find below a video compilation: